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Take Charge

Take Charge

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The matter on leadership and genetics has been discussed and researched on for as long as the concept of leadership was created. Research efforts have been poured into exploring the link between the two. Are leaders born or made?

This is going to sound cliché but until now, genetics is still considered a big factor in determining the formation of leaders. But not everyone thinks the same way. There could be some truth to it but factors such as experiences and social dynamics are also important in leadership.

There is no single factor that will determine the person’s ability to lead. Each factor is important up to a certain extent.

When it comes to leadership, it’s always a question about nature vs. nature. However, both are intertwined with each other and cannot be separated.

Leadership cannot be discussed without considering both at the same time. Case in point would be chemical and hormonal changes in the body that will affect the disposition of the person. The disposition will affect the attitude and behavior, which are huge factors in leadership.

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