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Stress-Free Success BUNDLE

Stress-Free Success BUNDLE

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Welcome to the Stress-Free Bundle

Solutions for Dealing with Stress and Living a More Relaxed Lifestyle

How to Live Stress-Free Ebook:


We're living in very trying and difficult times. Technology and advancements have made things more complicated than the simple life our ancestors had. Sometimes life can be terribly painful and unfair. Why do some people manage to get through it easier than others? They have better tools.

Society as a whole is more stressed. Millions of people are in record levels of debt. Many are losing their jobs, their homes, their health and sometimes even their sanity. Worry, depression and anxiety seem to have become a way of life.

It seems like we’ve entered the Age of Anxiety. In fact, Time magazine once proclaimed this in one of their issues. The constant stress and uncertainties of living in the 21st century have certainly taken their toll. The result is that many people are now living in a state of constant fear and worry.

When the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened, this became magnified. In fact, even now, years later, people report they are still scared everyday. They worry that something of that magnitude will happen again.

Turn on the news or open up a newspaper and you’re bombarded with disturbing images and stories. You begin to wonder if you’re safe anywhere. The information age is providing us access to endless data. Most of what is covered by the media is unsettling and disturbing news.

Even children can feel the pressure of stress and anxiety. Teenagers who want to go to college feel pressure to obtain scholarships. They need part-time jobs to earn money for extras that their parents can no longer afford. Add peer pressure into the mix and you have a veritable pressure cooker!

Cell phones, Internet, tablets, blackberries, I-pods – we are always on the go and always reachable. There’s no downtime in life any more. We’re so busy that we’ve forgotten how to relax and our minds are constantly going over what needs to be done.

We feel pressure to do these things because we think we HAVE to, not because we WANT to. It’s difficult for people to just say “No”. Not saying that one little word piles up un-needed expectations and obligations that make us feel anxious.


Stress Reduction Brainstorming Sheet:

This worksheet helps you brainstorm the ways you can begin reducing your stress.


Stress Reduction Checklist:

It seems in this day and age everyone is affected by some form of stress. Once you learn what causes your stress, you can learn the best ways for you to reduce it and deal with it.

Use this handy checklist to identify your stressors and ways to reduce their effects on you.


8 Stress Relievers Report:

If stress is left unchecked it can lead to many different health problems such as chronic anxiety, heart attack, high blood pressure, and depression. Discover 8 simple methods to help you reduce stress and live with more calm in your life.


Stress Survival Ebook:

Do you ever feel down, stressed, or anxious? Millions of Americans struggle with stress, anxiety, or mood problems. They can wear and tear on your body leaving you feeling tired, drained, and empty inside.

Over time, stress and anxiety can build causing you to be less productive, anxious, tense, and even unhappy. A poor mood can make you irritable, impatient, and hurt your relationships. You may find it tough to focus, stay motivated, or accomplish tasks.

Your mood and mental well-being affects every part of your life for better or worse. While poor feelings can negatively impact your activities, relationships, and work. A happy balanced mood gives you the tools you need to be successful and enjoy life.
Gaining and maintaining a positive mood can be tough.

Until recently, there have been few options for those looking to boost their
mood. Some people suggest exercise, breathing routines, or careful diets.

Stress Survival Super Strategies
Reduce Mental Trauma By Focusing Your Alignment On
Positive Thoughts

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