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Senior High Society

Senior High Society

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Incredible Times of Your Life

The school is known to be the second home of the students. Inside the school, students will learn various things such as how to be sociable and how to deal with people. It is very imperative for them to develop their social skills. This book is primarily designed to provide all important topics and ideas that can help the students learn how they can develop their social skills.

A student like you can learn how to establish friendships and relate socially with children and adults while you are at the school. Unfortunately, social expectations and friendships usually trigger stress to teenagers especially to a student who faces social problems. Typical social problems that often take place inside the schools are peer pressure, cliques and bullying.

Peer Pressure
This happens when a student affects the decisions of another student. Peer pressure could be positive and an example of this is when you tell again your friend regarding the homework or when you push her to join in any sports team. On the other hand, peer pressure can be negative such as the pressure to consume alcohol, cut classes, smoke cigarettes, cheat on the exam and do some sorts of crimes like shoplifting. Students like you typically find it hard and stressful to resist peer pressure.

Bullying happens when a student is frequently picked on by another student who is more influential than he or she is. A student who looks unusual or from a different religion and race, or may be a lesbian or gay is typically a victim of bullying. This negative thing could be physical like tripping and hitting or verbal like teasing and taunting. A student, whether that person is a girl or a boy, can become a bully or the bullying victim.

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