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Results and Rewards

Results and Rewards

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Results And Rewards Blitzing

The Sprinter's Guide To Short Term Motivation For Huge Results - High Adrenaline And Rewards Guaranteed!

word ‘Winning’ might sound fake to you. Too bourgeois. Too full of A’s, or fortune, or odds, or muscle-bound jocks. Real winning, however, is no more than one’s own personal quest of individual excellence and motivation.

You don’t have to knock others down or acquire at the expense of other people. ‘Winning’ is taking the natural endowment and potential you were born with, and have since evolved, and utilizing it fully towards a goal or purpose that makes you happy.

Let’s consider it as our “personal quest of individual excellence.” something closer to striving to live at your highest potential.

The most crucial single point in the chapters to follow, to remember and internalize, is that it makes little difference what is really occurring, it’s how you, personally, take it that truly counts!”

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