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Procrastinate Later

Procrastinate Later

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The challenge of outfoxing procrastination is the challenge of resisting the itch to leave your course. This is likewise the challenge of beating blocks, since a block is truly an ongoing procrastination issue that lasts weeks, months, years or decades. This e-book will help you work out what is causing you to leave your daily course, and what you may do to stay dedicated and finally live the productive and happy life you’ve always wished-for.

Developing The Important ‘NOW’ Habit And Strategies That Will Help You To Take The First Step Quickly!

Even in moments of non-motivation, act as if you’re extremely motivated. This is because of a fantastic thing that behavioral scientists have discovered: that not only do our emotions order our actions, but our actions often order our emotions. Research has demonstrated, for example, that we don’t simply smile because we’re pleased, we in reality get happier when we smile. That’s because the smile originates a sequence of hormonal and additional events that relaxes us and makes us feel great.

Professional sales people, who have to be “on” close to a hundred percent of the time in order to make their quotas, are really familiar with this phenomenon: they’re taught that their posture, expression and other physical attributes impact not only their mood but their customers’. They’re taught to grin even when talking over the phone, as although the client on the other end of the line can’t see them do it, the salesperson’s voice sounds much more forceful and dynamic when she grins. Try it.

A lot of sales people, performers, athletes and other peak performers formulate a personal collection of tricks, rituals, and physical and mental exercises to help themselves get and stay pumped for their workday. You ought to do the same thing. And here’s the frosting on the cake, the astonishing secret that empowered individuals in every field eventually learn: that with enough practice mimicking peak performance; you’ll actually begin experiencing the real thing more frequently. Experts say that while we can’t operate at peak all the time, we may likely do so much more frequently than we recognize. Merely by practicing at performing at peak, you are able to train yourself to enter into peak much more easily and often. And that will be the most astonishing reward of all, for all of your hard work.

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