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Overcome Perfectionism

Overcome Perfectionism

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You Don't Have to be Perfect . . .

Perfectionism is the belief that perfection can and should be attained. In an extreme form, perfectionism is a belief that work and products that are anything less than perfect are completely unacceptable. That later of which is actually what they call in psychology, a maladaptive belief, and often causes problems in day to day functioning. Many people in the world today can be described, and are often self-described, perfectionists.

Perfectionism can be a driving force for success, but in the fast paced world, it is truly a double-edged sword. It can serve to push forward the business, or it can serve to destroy it. The internet based business owner must learn how to weld this weapon well to succeed. The purpose of this article is to encourage anyone, especially business owners, to avoid these maladaptive behaviors and to spend their time in taking action rather than thinking about it.

If one would take a look at some of the most successful businesses in the world today, they would quickly see that this is not the way that they do business. Successful, money making businesses release their products before they are “perfect,” because they know that the product will progress along the line towards perfection at a much quicker pace if consumers are involved in the process. Think of it this way, how many minds are better at perfecting a product, one or two, or one or two hundred? By overcoming this concept of perfectionism, individuals can decrease their time commitment, while at the same time producing better results.

Sometimes, just taking action and moving progressively forward will produce faster and more desirable results (even with mistakes) then if you over-think everything you believe it will take to make it perfect.

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