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Outpace the Rest

Outpace the Rest

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The world is often viewed by many sociologists as an urban jungle in which people have to vie for position and status in order to survive and succeed. Thus, wherever a person goes, one finds oneself in an odd position to develop and enhance one’s talents and assets to be able to cope with the ever-growing demands of the society and the world at large.

Once a person graduates from college and applies for a job in a company or corporation, he/she finds oneself vying against other applicants for a specific position or starting your own business. A person immediately gets a taste of competition even at the very onset of one’s entry into any business environment. And once one gets accepted in this environment, one finds oneself in an awkward situation of trying to be recognized in that business world to gain further leverage.

The business world is changing rapidly. Yet there are ideas and insights which remain true even with the passing of time. Just like the idea of the Red Queen Effect which had been broached open by Lewis Carroll a century before Leigh Van Valen was born. Yet the idea spurred Van Valen to create an evolutionary explanation on how species become extinct or survive. Aristotle, two thousand years ago, had said that “we are what we repeatedly do,” and at present, we all agree that our personality is the hodgepodge or combination of all the habits which we have imbibed and keep on imbibing in our life time.

Whether we are baby boomers, or whether we belong to the Generation X or Y, the fact remains that we are all human beings striving to realize ourselves in this not-so-perfect world. The only way for us to grow and create our mark in the workplace and the organization we find ourselves in is by working on our circle of influence, and expanding it to a point wherein we can have a remarkable and non-negligible impact in the said organization or workplace. Every moment of our lives, we are always confronted with a choice whether to remain self-satisfied in the status quo or to give the extra effort to excel and realize our full potential. As long as we keep on learning and moving forward, we can say that we are alive and on our way to our self-realization with the help of other people who are also striving to realize their full potentials.

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