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Keeping Resolutions

Keeping Resolutions

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When we undertake to make a New Year’s resolution we do so with an air of optimism and hope. New Year resolutions by definition are
about improvements and changes, all with positive outcomes. It is natural for us all to want the best for ourselves and those around us
and to try to bring about the best.

Conversely whilst the resolutions are made all too easily keeping to them is very difficult indeed. Bringing about the changes is difficult and slow and the resolutions are broken. For the vast majority of people the breaking of the resolution is sufficient for them to give up their resolution. This can be demoralizing and the individuals see themselves as having failed. Do your best and move forward.

For thousands of years and in many countries around the world at the end of the calendar year, people have reviewed areas of their lives and their own performances to ascertain sections that need improvement and have drawn up New Year resolutions. It is interesting that globally the end of the year is seen as linked with review and change. Fresh beginnings and improvements for the year to come are something to shoot for.

Learn how to adhere to your Resolutions and keep them going throughout the ENTIRE year, and not just the first month of the new year.

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