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Develop Confidence to Talk with Anyone

Develop Confidence to Talk with Anyone

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Talking with Anyone – What Do You Need?

If you are the type that sits alone at a party with a hundred people just because
you don‟t know anyone there, you definitely need to improve your skills of
communication. Communication is the key to anything – making friendships,
striking business contracts, impressing people and even getting yourself a life
partner. You cannot do any of these without talking with someone.

But if talking with someone unfamiliar is something that scares the heebiejeebies
out of you, you need a quick sizing up. Probably something is seriously wrong there. Talking is actually one of the natural things that we do – it is as natural as breathing for most of us – so what‟s holding you back.

Let us begin by trying to see the most important things that you will need in order
to be able to talk with anyone.

Note that I will always use the phrase „talking with someone‟ here as opposed to
„talking to someone‟. This is not about grammar, but it is more about what I think. Talking is not something you do alone. You do it with someone. It is not
that you just keep on going blah-blah and the other person just listens. They are
talking with you too. It is a collaborated effort.


The first thing you need to start any kind of conversation is confidence. Here
confidence basically means that you should have some knowledge of your selfworth.

You should know that you amount to something and that is what you need
to project when you are trying to open a conversation with someone. It is only
when they understand that listening to you will mean something to them will
they take the time.

However, your confidence will only show when you are really
happy with your self-worth. Hence, this is more about a self-evolvement thing
than personality development.

Once you get the hang of it, you will find that speaking is a really beautiful thing. It is educational, it is entertaining and it brings you closer to people.

But you have to start speaking for all of that to happen.

You now know how you can begin doing that, whether it is for a date or an autograph. Or, speaking on stage in front of a thousand people!

All the best to you!!!

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