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Boosting Self Esteem

Boosting Self Esteem

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You will find over time that many areas of your life can be changed just by
changing your outlook from a negative one to a more positive. You will find
that your self-esteem improves, you become more popular, you feel happier
and are more confident than before, you are able to tackle the tasks you once
hated without them causing you stress and anxiety and your relationships
improve. These are just a few of the areas where you can self-improve and
gain a more positive outlook and thus lead a more positive life.

Realizing your self-worth has nothing to do with checking your bank balance,
it is about you, the person you are in life. We give others respect, love and
consideration but how often do we give ourselves what is due? How you value
yourself is based on the self-esteem you have, your self-esteem shows you
how much you truly value yourself. Healthy self-esteem leads to
independence, happiness, flexibility, the ability to adapt easily to change, cooperation and a positive outlook on any situation.

Unhealthy or low self esteem on the other hand leads only to irrational thoughts, unhappiness, fear of the new, rigidity, defensiveness and a negative outlook on life in general.

How we see ourselves has a lot to do with how others see us, if we are happy,
smiling and full of confidence then others see us as someone they want to be
around, if we respect ourselves and portray this then others will respect you
too, after all how can you ask for respect from others if you don‟t even respect
yourself? So finding and developing your self-worth is all about developing
your self-esteem.

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