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Belief System for Change 101

Belief System for Change 101

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Who Knew that Proper Breathing Could Have Such Profound Effects

One of the most effective avenues of altering your state-of-mind and approaching that point where it’s possible to change your beliefs is often overlooked, because it’s so commonplace. The breath. It’s not just your brain waves that change as you grow up. Your breathing changes from a deep, diaphragmatic breath, to a shallow, upper-chest breath. In many systems of thought and many cultures, the breath is the first place to begin when exploring the inner world. So take a few moments to get to know your breath. If you’ve already done this, please participate and do it again. This will only further your success. First, get to know your ‘natural’ breath. How do you breathe? Where does it start, and where does it stop? Is it long or short? Deep or shallow? Relaxed or tense? Avoid judgments.

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