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Authentic You for Success Bundle

Authentic You for Success Bundle

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Take advantage of this incredible Authentic You for Success Bundle that contain these valuable training components:

  • Applying Binaural Beats Report
  • Absolute Sweep Audio
  • Delving into Binaural Beats Reports
  • Dreams Audios
  • Sleep Aid Ebook
  • Mid Alpha Beats Audios
  • Diamond Destiny Audios
  • Delving into Hypnosis Ebook
  • Lots of Audios
  • . . . And Much More!

Delving Into Audio and Video Stimuli.

At the finish of a day, when your brain is worn-out with the after effects of tensions, stresses and pressures of daily life, there's nothing like a hot cup of tea and relaxing audio playing and maybe a video with some beautiful pictures in the background. .A relaxation video or audio can instantly put your mind at ease.

Delving Into Hypnosis.

The advantages of hypnosis therapy are widespread. A lot of individuals report positive changes with hypnosis and it's recognized as a valid type of holistic alternative medicine.

Diamond's Destiny- Hypnotherapy For Attaining Any Goal You Want:

Presenting your hypnotherapy series for success, enlightenment and marketing success.

There is no danger in hypnotherapy but it is able to help you build many aspects of your life. Hypnotherapy can also help you become more mentally aware and has been shown to have healing aspects.

We ask you to do nothing else while listening to our series as you should be relaxed and focused.

Listen to this series often to get the repeat benefits of the message and to bring about the positive results.

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to take the time to relax and go through the series to create your own success.

Applying Binaural Beats for Relaxation & Meditation:

Binaural beats result from hearing 2 dissimilar frequencies in each ear so headphones are required. If you hear two different frequencies in each ear, you'll hear the difference between two as a binaural beat.

Listening to binaural beats may increase particular brainwave frequencies.

Our brain mimics the frequencies we hear in the beat. If you wish to better your alpha brainwaves, listen to a binaural beat in the alpha range. This is called entrainment or frequency-following response.

If you wish to relax, practice stress reduction, learn to meditate, or evoke the Relaxation Response download and listen to some of these binaural beat MP3 files. There are various ones that use different frequencies and patterns. Most have descriptions you can utilize to help decide which one(s) to use.

You might find these binaural beat files helpful while learning how to meditate. Utilize them to get started but after awhile you might discover that you don't need them any longer, that you've outgrown them. Or you might find them of use on a more regular basis. The only way to learn is to try them yourself and determine what works best for you.

Beta brainwaves (13-40 Hz) are associated with active thinking and concentration. Alpha brainwaves (7-13 Hz) are associated with relaxation and/or drowsiness. Theta brainwaves (4-7 Hz) are associated with dreams, meditation, and REM sleep.

This bundle can REALLY be life-changing! Check out all this Success bundle has to help you reach all those goals and happiness you deserve. Get this bundle right now and start living.

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