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365 Day Empower Calendar

365 Day Empower Calendar

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With this Calendar, You Will Have a Daily Dose of . . .

Get your own digital copy of this inspiring and empowering 2019 calendar full of daily quotes, intentions, and affirmations for each every day. You can refer to it on your desktop or print it out and pin up where you can view it every day. Continuous and constant actions are essential to success in nearly everything you want to achieve.

  • Dynamic Affirmations:

    Begin each week (Monday) with a positive affirmation that should be used throughout the entire week along with the other great influences for that week to feel total and complete confidence. Your Mondays can be better than most other’s weekends.

  • Powerful Intentions

    Read and repeat these positive intentions on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) for a personal focus to reach all your goals and feel strong and happy throughout the weekend.

  • Inspiring Quotes

    Get inspired every weekday (Tuesday thru Friday) with these quotes from influential individuals to help you feel constantly motivated and incredible with yourself.

    This beautiful and inspiring calendar is just what you need to feel energized and excited about each and every day. Follow the simple concept displayed on the cover and begin each day in a powerful and positive mindset.

    Just simply print out each month and hang it in up at a place where you can view it every day to get your daily inspiration and/or use each month as wallpaper for your digital device so it is always with you.

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