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Life Plan Journal Success Bundle

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Journaling Can Be Life-Changing

This is a must-have bundle for your true and ultimate SUCCESS. There are endless incredible benefits to keeping journals. They can literally help you create your 'LIFE PLAN'.

Journaling is a proven effective method to track and reach goals, gain focus, practice gratitude, help you develop your action plans, and even keep your emotions in check and calm your mind.

Journaling can help you gain clarity by getting in touch with your inner self, also know as being mindful, and mindfulness can lead to some amazing self-discovery which brings all kinds of solutions to challenges that lead to incredible happiness.

Journaling can remove stress and anxiety by allowing you to schedule tasks with a manageable agenda . . . and eliminate those things that cause overwhelm and disarray.

You can use them to get more clear on your purpose and get the direction you need to reach these results with better decision-making.

By keeping an organized plan of priorities and events, you can relax your mind and experience more enjoyment and satisfaction.

 Use the Time Management Mini-Course for great ideas on how to be more productive and better manage your time for optimum effort and maximum results. There is also audios to go along with it so you can take them with you and listen at your convenience.

Some notables that use journals to help them succeed: Tony Robbins, Ben Franklin, John D. Rockefeller, Chalene Johnson, George Washington, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Rohn, Dave Ramsey, Mark Twain, John Maxwell, Isaac Newton, General George Patton, Ludwig van Beethoven, Lady Gaga, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Albert Einstein, Ronald Reagan, Ernest Hemingway, Anne Frank, Our Military, George Lucas, and so many more.

Here is what's included in this Journal Bundle:

  • Your Yearly Life Plan Journal
  • Finding Happiness Journal
  • Forever Grateful Journal
  • Time Management Tips Mini-Course
  • Get Stuff Done Ebook
  • Time Management Tips Mini-Course (Audios)
  • BONUS: Vision Board (printable version)
  • BONUS: Vision Board (electronic version)
  • Best Uses for Vision Board (pdf)

The Life Plan Journal contains everything you need to help with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals and accomplishments. There are detailed help instructions to get you on your way to SUCCESS.

The Happiness Journal is a place to record everything that makes you happy and everything that WILL make you happier.

The Forever Grateful Journal is all about APPRECIATION. Those things that you can remind yourself about SUCCESS.

The Vision Boards are for constant reminders of the incredible life you wish to live. One version is electronic for your computer/phone/tablet and one is for printing so you can physically attach pictures, objects, and whatever you want to accomplish or possess.

Most everyone is super busy with all the activities and responsibilities going on their life, so journaling can make a massive difference to achieving more with less chaos.

You may discover answers you've been searching for when things are written in a journal and can help you prepare for almost anything.

These incredible benefits can truly become life-changing and may be the single most important thing you do for your success.

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