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Dream Big – Take Baby Steps, SUCCESS is Near

Posted by Jay Hiller on

Most everyone has heard (several times) about how important it is to have the proper mindset, which is the foundation of SUCCESS. Alongside the positive intentions of the mindset is another idea that can contribute to a successful outcome and that is to DREAM BIG.

Dream Big and Success will come.


Of course, it seems obvious to think big and 'visualize' your dream life and create the ultimate lifestyle you really deserve. It's pretty hard to realize great expectations with a negative attitude and one of scarcity.

The important factor to remember is that 'big success' doesn't just happen without effort, dedication, and consistent actions, and if there is high anticipation for instant gratification, it could be a prelude to disaster.

Taking the necessary steps may require a path of 'baby steps' that initiate progress and propel that business with momentum towards your SUCCESS goals.

Part of that positive mindset should include the acknowledgment of small accomplishments from your efforts with a systematic approach to experience SUCCESS.

Celebrate the wins, no matter how small, and learn from the mistakes made. Try a different approach if something doesn't work right. Just appreciate the journey to those wins.

This helps program the subconscious mind to actually believe that anything is possible.

Living The Dream. Success Awaits!

My entrepreneurial beginning was to focus on the 'break-even' concept to earn enough income to cover the expenses of the business – say $2000 per month.

Then produce the necessary efforts to pay the business expenses plus living expenses – say $3000 per month.

Continue to take baby steps towards that 'keyword' in business . . . PROFIT, the amount of income that exceeds all of the cost of doing business and living expenses – say $5000 per month.

Another huge step in the process is sustainability. That is keeping what you've already earned while building on momentum.

From there, my intent is only to serve others and change lives with a transformation that gets people realizing SUCCESS and talking about it to others.

Money is NOT the ONLY driving force. Yes, we all need to pay bills and we would love to buy some "toys" and then have a secure financial future.

Success Takes Many Forms.

That can all happen with a shift in the mindset to have the gratitude of the things you already have and make it a goal to serve others by making a positive contribution to as many people as possible.

Keep alignment with ALL of your accomplishments and continue to DREAM BIG, while implementing baby steps to reach your goals, but always remember, SUCCESS is in the journey.

Happy trails to you and to the people you touch along the way.

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